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1. Supporting gradual growth from the basics of web3

Solidity House offers a wide range of training curriculums, from the basics of web3 to smart contract technology and actual development know-how. We provide maximum support for improving our customers' development capabilities with step-by-step training plans tailored to their needs and level of understanding.

2. Curriculum with social implementation in mind

The greatest strength of our educational curriculum is the provision of technology essential to the social implementation of smart contracts. Once a smart contract is deployed to the mainnet, it is difficult to change it, and if a bug is discovered, there will be concerns about its safety. A technology called upgradeability has been developed to solve this problem, but implementing it requires advanced technology and experience.


However, at present, the number of people with skills in this field is extremely limited, and educational institutions do not offer educational programs. Our office addresses this issue, efficiently provides know-how on smart contract upgrade technology, and supports the safe implementation of smart contracts in society.

3.Global-level instructors


Shogo Ochiai

He has a track record of research on blockchain acceleration. He has knowledge of information science, institutional design, and ethnographic analysis, and has contributed to many projects. His TEDx Talk titled "The Fairest Democracy" sparked a global discussion about democracy in the blockchain era.


Edu Lead

Takahiko Sakai

He has deep knowledge of Solidity and EVM, and a wide understanding of the Ethereum ecosystem. He has project management experience as a lead engineer in the design and development of DeFi protocols, and has been deeply involved in the problem-solving process.


Tech Lead

Kai Hiroi

Dedicated to the evolution of DAO and autonomous technology. He is involved in the design and development of smart contracts, front-ends, and middleware, and plays a leading role in many projects. In particular, he contributes to strengthening the industry's security through attack vector research.

4.Enriched Solidity learning environment

Learning a financial language like Solidity requires deep thinking. At Solidity House, we are committed to designing the best environment for our learners.


A highly flexible learning environment

The classrooms at Solidity House, which is a renovated old Japanese house, have an open-address design that is ideal for peer learning. 


Quiet surroundings

Solidity House is located in Shioda-cho, Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture, which is a perfect environment for learning with abundant nature and low noise. We will create a boot camp where you can concentrate and face Solidity.


Lecturer resident

Solidity House is an environment where you can ask questions to front-line Solidity engineers anytime. You can efficiently acquire smart contract development skills.


A variety of relaxation

Solidity House offers a variety of relaxation options. There is a tent sauna, pizza oven, BBQ, and you can also eat wild game caught. It is famous for its sake production, and there are many famous hot springs nearby.

We provide web3 training tailored to organizational issues.
​Please feel free to contact us first.
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